Much Ado About Call Backs

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for us today for ourĀ  upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing. Below is our callback list. Callbacks will be held at the John Hand Theatre Facility at 7653 E. 1st Place from 6 PM to 9 PM. Sides are available at THIS LINK. Please print your own if you are able, if not we will have copies for you at the callbacks. Please familiarize yourself with all roles in the callback side packet – even those that are not traditionally your gender.

If you have any skills with instruments or a talent of any kind that requires a special prop, please bring it with you. We’d love to see what awesome surprise talents you might have in your bag of tricks.

Anna Gibson
Ben Butler
Chelsea Rossetto
Emily Ebertz
Enoc Castillo
Flynn O’Hurley
Greg West
Holly Dalton
James Ivey
Janessa O’Fallon
Jeremy MacNicol
Jim Valone
Johanna Jaquith
John Gleason
Joshua Moran
Kasey Lohman
Kate Poling
Katherine Foote
Kayla Smith
Ken Stellingwerf
Kristen Poole
KT O’Connor
Lacey Eberl
Lauren Michelle Long
Linda Swanson Brown
Lisa Kraai
Marcus Turner
Molly Killoran
Nicole Campbell
Patrick Ring
Sadie Trigg
Sophie Handy
Tara Kelso
Tessa Nelson
Todd Black
Tresha Farris
Veroncia Straight-Lingo
Zahava Heydel